Improving the lives of people with long-term conditions

Driving force behind Living With

The driving force behind Living With is our desire to improve the quality of life for people living with long-term conditions while also tackling the increasingly unsustainable cost of treatment.

Our experience with long-term conditions comes from first-hand knowledge. One of our founders, Chris has lived with ulcerative colitis for 30 years and has direct experience of the terrifying unpredictability of auto-immune conditions.

One moment, stable and in remission and the next, in a downwards spiral of pain.

Chris Robson

Chris Robson


It was after Chris was hospitalised with auto-immune disease, Guillain-Barré syndrome, that he began to question how he could help prevent others from experiencing the same rollercoaster of uncertainty.

Jonathan, another founder, became aware of the devastating effects of pelvic problems on new mothers through a friend (and pelvic health specialist) which made him begin to think about how digital could be used to make a difference to their lives.

Chris and Jonathan had worked together before building the Pan-European agency, Syzygy, and together started planning a solution.

Jonathan Waywell

Jonathan Waywell

Head of Product Management

David Anahory

David Anahory

Managing Director

David soon joined the team adding experience and expertise from numerous technology businesses, initially in telecommunications then software & services organisations working within the healthcare space.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop clinically validated technology that successfully tracks adherence, identifies early warning signs of deterioration and predicts flare-ups in people suffering from long-term conditions.

We want to:

  • Empower clinicians with new predictive data to deliver more accurate or informed? care
  • Keep patients in remission by identifying early warnings signs
  • Prevent further condition deterioration with timely interventions
  • Decrease the cost of treatments by identifying the most effective interventions

We want to create the most effective digital early warning platform.

Why us?

Experienced at creating digital products that patients adhere to, we believe passionately in the need to deliver both positive outcomes for patients and cost savings and new insights for healthcare providers.


Creators of market leading, multi-award winning clinically respected digital healthcare products.

Medical Expertise

Clinician-led solutions designed to fit the needs of the NHS and private healthcare providers.

Engaging Content

20 years’ experience creating captivating content to help people learn with the best publishers in the world.

…the future of healthcare. Twenty years from now, we will use technology to access our health services as a matter of course. That future is fast approaching as technologies constantly evolve, adapt and improve.

Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director for NHS England

You may know us from

We collaborated with women’s health experts from NHS Greenwich to create Squeezy, the multi-award winning pelvic floor dysfunction app.

  • 5-star user ratings
  • Top 5 UK healthcare app

We worked with sleep experts ResMed to create the world’s first contactless sleep tracker, the S+ app, which featured as part of the HealthKit in the official launch of Apple Watch.