About the Bladder Diary

The bladder diary is not essential for everyone to complete but you may have been asked to do one by your health care professional. If you are experiencing any bladder symptoms or have any concerns about your bladder habits and have not seen a health care professional yet, completing the bladder diary may help you to track your bladder patterns and facilitate a conversation about it.

The diary should be completed over three consecutive days, preferably including different types of days in case your bladder habits change, such as at weekends or non-work days.

For each day, note the time you got up and the time you went to bed.

Measure everything you drink and note down the type of drink and amount in the relevant columns, plus the time you have the drink.

Each time you visit the toilet to empty your bladder please try to measure the volume of urine you pass out by emptying into a plastic measuring jug. Note down the time you went to the toilet and how much urine you passed. It is fine to just note that you went to the toilet during the night, as measuring may be disruptive to getting back to sleep!

When you make an entry for fluids out, you can also note if you were wet at the time, and any urgency you felt going to the toilet.

If you leak at a separate time than when you need to empty your bladder, or you leak all the contents of your bladder instead of emptying in the toilet, you can put this in the “fluids out” section by switching the “wet” button to “on” for the appropriate time.

Most people use mls for measuring but there is the option to use fl oz if you prefer, by changing the setting with each entry or changing it once to “fl oz” by clicking on settings and then switching the button under “volume measurements” to the desired unit.