The Build your own service has been designed to add value for all types of healthcare providers


Our digital products enable the collection of real time patient data remotely to optimise resource management

  • Monitor patients condition progress to ensure the right patients are seen at the right times
  • Capture clinically validated data to aid treatment planning and improve outcomes
  • Provide patients with a personalised app to support their self-management 


Our solutions are customisable and enable departments to access a range of digital products from one provider

  • Support clinicians to monitor patients remotely across departments
  • Capture high volumes of data to enable better management of resources and reduce operating costs
  • Manage your clinics and compare data from one convenient online portal


Our personalised apps provide patients with immediate access to remote support to save time and reduce waiting lists

  • Track real-time disease activity to identify early warning signs
  • Use data to optimise appointment scheduling
  • Provide patients with immediate information and support outside of hours


Our digital products engage patients and capture high volumes of data

  • Receive data on medication usage, adherence and side effects
  • Provide customers with engaging remote support to promote self-management
  • Understand your products impact on quality of life with clinically validated measures


Our digital solutions are a cost-effective way to support customers managed from one convenient provider portal

  • Offer personalised apps to help drive customer engagement
  • Customise your solutions and manage them all from one online portal
  • Capture high volumes of data and gain insights into large scale patient usage and outcomes


What our users have to say

“Living With Pelvic Health has made it much easier to follow up patient’s progress using the clinician interface. The summary adherence view is very useful. It has made my job easier in managing patients.”

Source: Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Trust

What our users have to say

“Wonderful app. I can’t believe this isn’t offered everywhere by the NHS. They need to move with the time.”

Source: Patient from Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

What our users have to say

“[Living With Pelvic Health is] easy to access, send invites and view the results. Very important when you’re busy.”

Source: Mobi-Physio-Zurich

What our users have to say

“Yes I was definitively more motivated to do my exercises with the app, especially knowing [my clinician] could monitor my activity. This encouraged me to keep at it consistently.”

Source: Patient from Northern Trust