Healthcare Insurers

Drive customer adherence and identify early warning signs

In a world where people increasingly have long-term conditions, you need to revaluate and redefine your relationship with these customers.

By offering a real-time personalised digital care plan and app, insurers can help drive customer engagement, increase adherence and reduce claims costs.

Living With helps insurers

Give the highest standard of service and deliver a wealth of information, giving customers the knowledge and support they need to engage and adhere with their treatment.

In addition, with real-time reporting insurers can identify the early warning signs that may lead to serious and unexpected health problems that can lead to significant claims costs. You are then able to offer early inventions as a service.

We help insurers by enabling them to:

  • Engage customers and increase retention
  • Increase customer adherence
  • Track real-time disease activity
  • Gain insights into large scale patient usage
  • Adjust treatments and medications based on findings
  • Offer the most effective treatments
  • Identify early warning signs in customers
  • Reduce claim costs while providing better overall customer support
  • Improve customers’ patient outcomes

Any way you look at it, it’s win-win

Insurer Benefits

Increase customer retention

Engage customers with personalised care plans and recommendations

Offer the most effective treatments

Create cost effective pathways based on large scale patient data

Improve customer satisfaction

Customers feel connected and supported 24/7

Patient Benefits

Highly personalised care plan

Digitally recorded customised treatments set by healthcare provider

Motivation to manage condition

Scheduled reminders set by healthcare provider to keep on top of condition

More stable self-managed condition

Improve knowledge and engagement empowering patients to take control of their health

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