Improving the clinician experience

No more paperbased workarounds!

Living With is making it easier for healthcare teams to manage patients and conditions by simplifying how information is collected and shared, and presenting it in a convenient and accessible way.








Clinical teams have access to:

  • More robust sets of patient data
  • Easy to read graphs summarising patient data
  • Composite results from patient diaries and outcomes
  • Pre-set alerts highlighting sudden changes in patient data
  • Summary reports of patients experiencing flares or problems

In turn, patients are supported 24/7 with:

  • Individually prescribed activity plans
  • Personalised activity reminders
  • Condition related educational information
  • Clinically validated PROMs with a pre-set frequency
  • Digital diaries to report on specified activities
  • Flare or problem trackers

So clinics can:

  • Increase patient engagement
  • Reduce the time spent understanding condition activity
  • Reduce the time spent on phone-based support
  • Reduce the admin time spent reporting
  • Reduce the number of DNAs

And ultimately, improving outcomes, increasing patient adherence and saving the clinic (and NHS) money.