Save time and make the most of small teams

Pelvic health physios using Living With Pelvic Health find it helps make their job easier and they are able to do more with their time.

“Living With Pelvic Health has made it much easier to follow up patient’s progress using the clinician interface. The summary adherence view is very useful. It has made my job easier in managing patients.”

“It has reduced DNA’s as patients are more engaged with their treatment.”

“[Living With Pelvic Health] is easy to access, send invites and view the results. Very important when you’re busy.”

“Initial indications are that patients are certainly being more adherent than they were previously. We are seeing more exercises being done than we would normally expect patients to do, so [Living With Pelvic Health and SqueezyCX] is certainly the reason for this.”

See how quick it is to use Living With Pelvic Health in our video! (It’s less than two minutes.)

Make the most out of the resource you have

Set up a call with us to talk in more detail about how Living With Pelvic Health can help your clinic save valuable time. We’ll call you back to answer questions or set up a demo for you or your colleagues.

P.S. Living With Pelvic Health is also available for purchase directly from our website with per patient annual licences fees start at just £12. Find out more