Our Vision

“A world where any clinician can configure a smart medical app in minutes, to support any patient, with any condition, so that they can lead more predictable and healthier lives.”
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We are revolutionising how doctors and hospitals get easy and cost-effective access to digital tools to monitor and treat patients remotely

Rising costs and the shortage of clinicians make traditional face to face patient doctor relationships unsustainable.

The answer lies in the huge cost savings of remote patient management, but IT, regulation, time, and build costs still make it very difficult for hospitals & doctors, with their own clinical pathways, to set up and monitor their patient’s treatment remotely.

So we are democratising digital health

We want to make it stunningly easy for clinicians to:

  • Configure one of our existing and proven condition management apps, or
  • Build their own new app, to meet their exact pathways, using our proven modules

You don’t need to be a large healthcare provider to have your own digital tools; we are providing healthcare professionals with the ability to build their own digital service in the quickest and most efficient way.

And in the end the patient benefits the most, because they get the personalised apps that they need to improve their outcomes.

A key part of our vision is to help patients lead more predictable lives, so we are using the aggregated and anonymised data to generate insights to enable clinicians to make evidence-based decisions. We are building smart algorithms to recommend personalised treatment plans using artificial intelligence.

This will enable clinicians to intervene in real-time to prevent further condition deterioration and to optimise individual treatment. We want to help every clinician to be able to provide the best personalised care to each and every patient.