Build Your Own – Pricing

We work with every type of health care provider and professional and they all require different products and solutions, which have different costs. Broadly they split into 2 types:
Firstly we provide access to low cost easy to use digital tools for remote condition management to clinicians, clinics and hospitals.
Living With analytics
Our platform drives our different products and solutions.
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And secondly we provide high value data from these tools on the performance of medical device and drugs used in this treatment for the product companies.

Low cost remote management tools for clinics

If you are a single clinician or small clinic you can get going very affordably.

£10 per month

As a single clinician with up to 50 patients, simply pay £120 per annum +VAT for access to one of our existing products.

£50 per month

As a small clinic with up to 50 patients, simply pay £600 per annum +VAT for access to one of our existing products.


If you are a medium or large sized clinic or hospital then please get in touch for specific pricing, based on one or more products.

Subsequent products are discounted, depending on how many you want to use, providing a very cost effective way to manage multiple conditions.

Product offerings

You can buy 3 different types of product from us.


Standard existing product, with standard features turned on or off, for example 1 or 2 way messaging or medication tracking.


Custom version of an existing product, which uses many of the existing features and some new features.


Bespoke product, which is a new product designed to your exact requirements, but based on our low cost reusable platform and modules.

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Powerful analytics for drug and device companies

If you are a drug or device company then we provide specific pricing for access to the aggregated and anonymised data.


Living With analytics