Living With Pelvic Health

14 million people in the UK suffer from bladder control problems

60% of women will suffer from urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. Half of all women will have some degree of pelvic organ prolapse.

It’s a massive problem making women’s (and men’s) lives miserable, not to mention being quite costly for the NHS.

Introducing Living With Pelvic Health, connecting clinicians to patients’ real-time adherence records through SqueezyCX.

SqueezyCX is the next step in evolution for the award-winning Squeezy app.

It’s the same Squeezy patients know and love – just connected to their pelvic health specialist by the Living With Pelvic Health clinician dashboard.

Easily access patient adherence records

Clinicians and physios can quickly access patients’ exercise programme adherence records, both on an individual and group level, from a laptop or tablet. 

By having adherence data easily to hand, many of the obvious questions are answered so appointments can focus on areas where more education or support is needed to improve confidence, adherence and self-management.

Building on a considerable foundation

In 2013, we launched a pelvic floor muscle exercise app, Squeezy, to help address the embarrassing, yet prevalent, condition of urinary incontinence which affects one in three women over their lifetime.

Designed in partnership with pelvic health physiotherapists from the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, we brought together clinical and digital product design expertise to create a tool that was easily accessible to everyone.

And we turned a few heads…

Amazing feedback from patients and physios

Not only acts as a reminder and alarm but most importantly for me it’s an evidence record to show my physio.

TMC75 – iTunes App Store

It’s a great app I encourage a lot of patients to use it. Well done.

Tracy Miles – Direct contact

My record of doing my exercises before this App was appalling and as a consequence I saw only slight improvement. Now I am doing them properly every day! Brilliant idea and worth every penny! (smiley)

MBaker67 – iTunes App Store

I should hope that every single NHS physio involved with pelvic floor rehab knows about your App, I use it all the time and recommend it repeatedly – so simple and straightforward. We all owe you huge thanks as I know it was a long slog for you. Well said, Annie James – patients love it

Annie James/Jane Dixon – WH Facebook page

Great help! I found the App to be very useful! Especially the reminders part! I would recommend it to everyone who needs to do their pelvic floor exercises.

hyperdesi – iTunes App Store

As a physiotherapist, many of my patients have told me that they find it hard to remember to do their exercises. This innovative app supports women to complete their recommended exercise programme.

Myra Robson – Senior Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Lewisham Healthcare Trust

Finally I’m doing the exercises and making some progress! Thank you to the makers

Lazy Tum – iTunes App Store

Brilliant App – easy to use, easy to customise, this App does exactly what I need

Elloralowe – iTunes App Store

Living With Pelvic Health builds on this with additional features

Patient App Features

  • Personalised recommended exercise plan
  • Exercise on the go, at any time, with the app
  • Check exercise record to see how active
  • Set goals to complete
  • Track condition with bladder and bowel diaries
  • Checklists, tips and advice personalised and aligned with condition status
  • A series of articles about pelvic health and treatment advances
  • Patient-friendly glossary of terms
  • User-friendly interface

Clinician Dashboard Features

  • Customisable patient exercise plans
  • Access patient records in real-time from anywhere
  • View patient exercise record to see adherence
  • Set personalised goals for patients based on condition
  • Understand a fuller patient picture with bladder and bowel diaries
  • Share educational tips and advice via app
  • Supply patients with information about their pelvic health
  • User-friendly interface

How can my patients start using Living With Pelvic Health?

Living With Pelvic Health relies on clinician participation and seamlessly integrating into healthcare teams’ workflows. For these reasons, Living With Pelvic Health is only available through a clinic, hospital or specialist pelvic health physios.

Our software is provided, operated and maintained by us, including all patient apps. And is able to integrate with compatible 3rd party systems such as patient management and appointment systems.

That way, healthcare teams can focus on managing patients, not apps and IT.

Have a question specific to pelvic health?

Give us a call. Ask us questions. Test our knowledge.

We’re happy to discuss how we could adapt Living With Pelvic Health for your clinic’s needs.

We’re just at the other end of the line, ready with answers.