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The platform consists of an app for patients, a clinician portal to monitor that patient and support faster interventions and a 3rd party dashboard for the management of multiple clinics and to access to aggregated and anonymised data.
The software is securely hosted in the cloud via Amazon Web Services. Living With are certified as compliant by the Department of Health and Social Care with the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit. We are ISO270001 compliant and are a medical device regulated by the MHRA.
Living With patient dashboard
Living With app
Living With analytics

Clinician dashboard

Patient app

Service Provider portal

Living With

The patient management app

The app provides patients with a range of features to understand, track and manage their own conditions better.

Medication tracking

Enable patients to track their medication / treatment.


Enable patients to complete different outcome measures.

Fixed time diary

Enable patients to complete diaries (bladder, bowel, fatigue).

Episode tracking

Enable patients to report symptoms and episodes.


Select existing patient information packs or add your own.


Enable patients to add specific treatment results or diagnostics (including pain, sleep, weight, grip strength).


Set, deliver and track exercise programmes.


Send and receive messages and information with your clinicians.

Living With app

A powerful dashboard

The clinician dashboard enables clinicians to distribute apps to patients and monitor their data remotely which they can use to support clinical decision making and to optimise treatment.

Patient and clinician enrolment

PROMs Tracking

View patient outcomes over time.

Episode and Flare Tracking

View patient reported episodes and flare ups.

Medication tracking

View all medication administrations.


1 or 2 way messaging with your patients and carers.


View patient diary results.

Living With patient dashboard

And a service provider portal

The service provider portal enables providers including hospital groups, insurers and pharmaceutical companies to manage the remote set up of clinics for clinicians to manage their patients’ conditions, and review aggregated and anonymised analytics.

Clinic administration

Clinic performance


Aggregated and anonymised data on how patients are using your products in treatment and how they are performing in real time.

Brand literature

Your brand literature in front of clinicians and patients at exactly the right time in the prescribing of specific pathways to patients.

Living With analytics