Track real-time adherence and disease activity

Product Overview

Real-Time Adherence + Disease Activity Records

The clinician dashboard displays adherence or disease activity records of enrolled patients.  With this information easily accessible in clinic, consultants have a succinct picture of their patients condition since their last visit and are able to focus questions according to the data at hand.

Quickly identifying the next appropriate steps in treatment, Living With helps clinicians maximise appointment time with patients and track the effectiveness of treatments over a period of time.

Patient Self-Reporting

Patients report on their condition between appointments by answering clinically validated PROMs questionnaires (such as HAQ-DI and RAPID3), tracking goals, collecting data from wearables, recording symptoms which are accessed through an app and linked to a cloud-based clinician web-interface.

Patient Self-Management

In addition to PROMs patients receive condition-related interactive exercises, articles, videos, checklists and advice from their healthcare team to educate and encourage positive behaviours.


Increase patient self-management

Living With enables patients to manage and monitor their condition(s) more effectively.

Once they can see it, they can engage with it. And are, therefore, more likely to stick with it.

Reduce strain on healthcare teams

Living With easily integrates with workflows and helps reduce the amount of support and helpline enquiries.

An automated way of supporting patients while improving care and freeing up resource.

Focusing on the patients who need help the most

Living With gives teams the ability to see fluctuations in disease activity when it’s happening.

This enables teams to identify patients in urgent need of support and allows them to deliver timely interventions.


The needs of patients, carers, healthcare professionals and providers differ between conditions and across the public and private healthcare sector.

Living With is a modular cloud-based platform with a number of standard features that can be adapted to different conditions to manage patient’s outcomes.

This gives healthcare providers the flexibility to select the right features to fit the needs of their patients or customers.


Condition specific clinically validated PROMs – such as BASDAI or HAQ-DI

Articles and video

Provide users with a range of educational information to support their conditions

Care plans

Create a schedule of activities and view progress as users complete their plan


Allow users or healthcare teams to record when and where patients have appointments

Goal tracking

Set and monitor progress against goals that have been recommended by healthcare teams

Reminders and tips

A range of various personalised reminders and tips that can be sent to the user

Tools and diaries

Condition specific interactive tracking tools – such as bladder diary, pain map and messaging


Provide new recommendations, based on user activity and performance to date


Allow users to interact and share experiences through video or audio stories with other patients

How easy is it to get started?

Identify your requirements

Tell us about your specific objectives and we’ll formulate a viable business case for you.

Invite patients

We’ll work with you to onboard patients in a friendly, engaging and effective way.

Patients self-report symptoms

We’ve honed an array of hooks to get patients involved, engaged and consistently coming back.

Monitor patient data

Our system doesn’t require integrations and can be accessed from anywhere by verified individuals.

Optimise patient treatments

Deliver interventions in a timely manner and enhance patient care by improving appointment setting and medication management.

Peace of Mind


Securely stored data in line with NHS IG toolkit requirements.


Verified individuals within the healthcare team can access information through the web-based interface.


The user-friendly interface allows seamless usage across websites.

Have another condition you’d like us to explore?

Give us a call and we can discuss what a solution could look like that’s more suited to your patients’ or customers’ needs.

We’re just at the other end of the line, ready with ideas.