Future condition management products

Our vision is a world where any clinician can make a smart medical app in less than an hour to support any patient with any condition so that they can lead more predictable and healthier lives.

Here are some of our products that are currently in development.

Living With Psoriatic Arthritis

156,000 patients have psoriatic arthritis in the UK.

The Challenge

Many people with psoriatic arthritis suffer from unpredictable flares and irregular appointments that do not correlate with their times of high disease activity or remission. The drugs are some of the most expensive in the world with estimated costs of $52bn spent on medication in 2018.

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Our solution

Living With Psoriatic Arthritis enables clinicians to monitor patients’ disease activity remotely based on patient reported flares, outcomes and medication adherence. In turn patients can use the app to connect to their clinics, track their condition progress and report flares.

Living With My Lungs

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We’re looking for clinicians to work with us!

We want to work with clinicians who are as passionate about transforming condition management as we are.

There are several ways to get in involved

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Collaborating on new products

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