Oesophageal Cancer

The clinician-monitored app that improves patient experience and their individual care whilst increasing efficiencies for clinical teams.

Living With Oesophageal Cancer

The challenge

London Cancer, part of the UCLH Cancer Collaborative, has developed a pathway that has shown better results where surgery is performed by a specialist centre at UCL Hospital with supportive care delivered by local hospitals.

However, joining up patient care across multiple sites in this new pathway has proven difficult, causing confusion and missed appointments. It also impacts Cancer Nurse Specialists ability to do their job because more of their time is spent coordinating hospitals and less time is spent supporting patients’ physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs – leading to a worse patient experience.

Consultant and patient
Consultant and patient

Our solution

Living With Oesophageal Cancer can help overcome these challenges by supporting patients with a personalised, reliable and accurate source of information to guide them through their care pathway – all in an easy to digest format which they can access in the comfort of their own home.

It allows healthcare professionals to monitor patient progress, provide them with relevant information attached to upcoming appointments and improve care.


  • Improves patient understanding and engagement
  • Improve quality of care
  • Manage patient’s care more efficiently
  • Provide patients with personalised information as they follow the pathway
  • Save clinical time
Living With Oesophageal Cancer

What our users have to say

“I have used it everyday and find it all and more than I wished for.”

Lizzie Lloyd-Dehler, cancer survivor

“This is an exciting project, driven by cancer clinicians and patients, which has the potential to improve patient health outcomes and experience while reducing CNS workload and saving money for the NHS.”

Professor Elizabeth Murray, Head of the Research Department of Primary Care and Population Health and Co-Director, eHealth Unit, UCL

Key features

Invite patients to connect to your clinic via a free connected app
Monitor their symptoms remotely
Send and receive messages directly to patients
Provide relevant information to their pathway stage
Review PROMs including the HNA assessment
Remote tracking of measures including weight
Living With Oesophageal Cancer

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