Future condition management products

Our vision is a world where any clinician can make a smart medical app in less than an hour to support any patient with any condition so that they can lead more predictable and healthier lives.

Here are some of our products that are currently in development.

Living With Psoriatic Arthritis

156,000 patients have psoriatic arthritis in the UK.

The Challenge

Many people with psoriatic arthritis suffer from unpredictable flares and irregular appointments that do not correlate with their times of high disease activity or remission. The drugs are some of the most expensive in the world with estimated costs of $52bn spent on medication in 2018.

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Our solution

Living With Psoriatic Arthritis enables clinicians to monitor patients’ disease activity remotely based on patient reported flares, outcomes and medication adherence. In turn patients can use the app to connect to their clinics, track their condition progress and report flares.

Living With Prostate Cancer

In the UK, prostate cancer has recently (2020) been identified as the most common cancer, and the second commonest cause of male cancer death.

The Challenge

Nearly 50,000 men develop prostate cancer each year in the UK; with nearly 12,000 men dying from the disease. New treatments have improved survival rates, but require complex treatment pathways. This places considerable burden on patients, their carers and the healthcare system. Men who survive prostate cancer often experience distressing outcomes, including late effects of treatment, such as sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

Clinical nurse specialists (CNS) in cancer care, who could support patients in addressing these problems, are tied up with organising care across multiple hospitals and community services. This is an inefficient use of highly trained clinicians, yet efforts to relieve CNS of clerical work by employing specifically trained administrative staff have been unsuccessful.

Finally, the decentralisation of cancer care means that some care is delivered by non-specialist healthcare professionals (HCP), who may struggle to provide advice and treatments which reflect current best practice.

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Our solution

Living With Prostate Cancer will empower patients and carers by improving their knowledge and understanding of their disease and available treatments. It will enable them to have more informed and constructive consultations with their clinicians, leading to more patient-centred care and increased compliance with treatment. It will identify patients’ practical, physical, social, and emotional concerns and provide support for each identified concern, as well as enabling better communication with their clinicians.

It will reduce the administrative burden on CNS by providing a faster and more efficient way to communicate with patients and other HCPs across different hospital sites and will support enhanced monitoring/analysis of patient progress and results.

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