Living With Prostate Cancer

Monitor and support prostate cancer patients after diagnosis and during treatment, with the Prostate Cancer patient app and clinician portal.

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The challenge

In the UK, prostate cancer in 2020 was identified as the most common cancer, and the second commonest cause of male cancer death. Nearly 50,000 men develop prostate cancer each year in the UK; with nearly 12,000 men dying from the disease. New treatments and care models have improved survival rates, but require complex treatment pathways and use supportive care delivered across hospital networks. This places a burden on patients, their carers and the healthcare system.

Clinical nurse specialists have an increased workload trying to organise cancer care across different hospitals, leaving less time to fulfil their role in supporting patients’ complex needs.


The Living With solution

The Living With platform provides patients with an app dedicated to their condition, and gives clinicians access to a dashboard to monitor and support their patients. 

You can configure the platform to suit your clinic’s treatment pathways, so that the solution fits to your way of working.

Patient app

The patient app can be configured to suit your treatment pathways. As well as information about the condition, features of the app include:

Symptom tracking

Setting and tracking goals

Outcome reporting

Outcome reporting

Medication tracking

Messaging with clinicians


Bladder diary

Access to Squeezy including pelvic floor muscle exercise plans

PSA tracking


Patient information and Sexual Health Programme

Record PSA level
Clinician dashboard

Clinician portal

The clinician portal enables clinicians to monitor, rehabilitate and support patients and optimise their interventions. 

The configurable platform allows patients to be managed in different ways based on their diagnosis and treatment programme.

Features of the clinician portal include:

  • Patient and clinician enrolment
  • Messaging
  • Patient reported outcomes; FACIT-Fatigue, GAD-7 & PHQ-8 or PHQ-9, ICIQ-UI, SHIM
  • Symptom, medication and diary monitoring

We’re here to help

Most platforms don’t allow you to personalise your treatment pathways the way we do. Clinics are able to create their own unique pathways, selecting the most suitable components for each patient at every stage of their treatment. 

We’re here to make sure you get the most out of the platform. We will provide training for your full team and help you to get up and running. We provide regular evaluations and unlimited ongoing support. 


The results

Therapist-supported digital health solutions can provide the necessary weekly support to patients, allowing reinforcement of aims and refinement of personalised recovery plans. The benefits include:

  • Monitor and support prostate cancer patients after diagnosis and during treatment
  • Support “watchful waiting”
  • Increase patient engagement with their treatment and motivation to follow clinician directed plans
  • Increase patient understanding
  • Increase patient adherence to pelvic floor muscle exercise and relaxation programmes
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Support clinicians in providing sexual health information
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