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You know what it’s like living with rheumatoid arthritis

But how do you communicate your experience to others? And how easy is it to remember when you see your RA specialist? Especially when face time is limited? And how can your specialist give you the best care when they only see you intermittently?

You can help us address these challenges by participating in our Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis app user trial.

Our aim is to help people with RA get the right support and better care to improve your quality of life by:

  • Keeping a record of your symptoms – making it easier for you to update your healthcare team at your next appointment
  • Helping clinicians make better decisions – by tracking disease activity on an ongoing basis, doctors are able to identify the treatments that are successful and the ones that aren’t
  • Working with people like you – helping us focus on the features that best fit your needs and informing our product development

We’ve developed the Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis app in partnership with RA specialists at the Royal National Hospital of Rheumatic Diseases in Bath.

Join our Rheumatoid Arthritis app user trial

The trial is simple and straightforward.

Over the course of three months, you’ll be asked to use the beta version of our Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis app. We’ll be in touch with you a few times to get your thoughts which will inform our product development and help us focus on the features that best fit your needs.

All you have to do is:

  • Volunteer and register your interest
  • Download the app on your iOS phone (we support iOS 9 or higher)
  • Set up your notification preferences
  • Fill in questionnaires when prompted
  • Take three short surveys
  • Have three short follow-up interviews with Amy, our user experience lead, to make sure we understand your thoughts

At the end of your Exit interview, you’ll receive a £20 Amazon voucher as a small token of our appreciation for your time and help.

You’ll be asked to regularly fill out two questionnaires – the RAPID3 and HAQ-DI.

You might recognise them from the forms you fill out when you visit your RA specialist. That’s because they are the same.

Both have been extensively tested, are widely used, and are proven to be good measures of RA and general function without having to examine your joints.

They ask slightly different questions to capture how active your RA is, and how well you are feeling overall. They are used in conjunction because the two scores are linked.

To give you an idea of who we are

We have a background making award-winning NHS-endorsed apps. Our pelvic floor muscle exercise app, Squeezy, first launched in 2013.

Number 1 paid-for medical app in UK Apple App Store with 5-star user reviews

98% of users said they would (or have) recommended Squeezy to a friend

Winner of multiple industry awards including an EHI Award and a HIN Award

And the amazing feedback (from users and physios)

Not only acts as a reminder and alarm but most importantly for me it's an evidence record to show my physio.

TMC75 - iTunes App Store

It's a great app I encourage a lot of patients to use it. Well done.

Tracy Miles - Direct contact

My record of doing my exercises before this App was appalling and as a consequence I saw only slight improvement. Now I am doing them properly every day! Brilliant idea and worth every penny! (smiley)

MBaker67 - iTunes App Store

I should hope that every single NHS physio involved with pelvic floor rehab knows about your App, I use it all the time and recommend it repeatedly - so simple and straightforward. We all owe you huge thanks as I know it was a long slog for you. Well said, Annie James - patients love it

Annie James/Jane Dixon - WH Facebook page

Great help! I found the App to be very useful! Especially the reminders part! I would recommend it to everyone who needs to do their pelvic floor exercises.

hyperdesi - iTunes App Store

As a physiotherapist, many of my patients have told me that they find it hard to remember to do their exercises. This innovative app supports women to complete their recommended exercise programme.

Myra Robson - Senior Women's Health Physiotherapist at Lewisham Healthcare Trust

Finally I'm doing the exercises and making some progress! Thank you to the makers

Lazy Tum - iTunes App Store

Brilliant App - easy to use, easy to customise, this App does exactly what I need

Elloralowe - iTunes App Store

But enough about us, let’s focus on how we can work together

This is your chance to inform our product development and help us focus on the features that best fit your needs.

Have your say and help us make an RA app that works for you.

Together we can change the face of healthcare.

Great news! Glad to see you’re interested in helping shape the future of healthcare.

Register your interest as a volunteer by filling in the information below. We’ll be in touch with you shortly with next steps.