Managing long-term conditions is difficult and costly

Healthcare for 15 million people in the UK with long-term conditions takes up 70% of the health budget in England alone – and clinical support is often limited to a 30-minute appointment every six to 12 months.

Living With helps clinicians track patients’ adherence and/or disease activity between appointments providing a more comprehensive picture of patients’ health and the ability to identify condition deterioration which can be used to inform clinical resourcing and help identify the most effective treatment outcomes.

By tracking real-time adherence and disease activity, both public and private healthcare teams, can increase the quality of care by delivering the most effective interventions in a timely manner to the patients who need help the most.

I want to save costs while focusing on the patients who need help the most.

I want to help customers understand their condition and increase adherence.

I want to improve quality of life for patients by providing innovative medicines.

Reinventing the way people, healthcare and education work together

Improving the lives of patients and helping healthcare providers save time and money

Enabling clinicians

Living With enables healthcare teams to deliver the right interventions in a timely manner, adjust medications and recommend different treatments without unnecessary data entry or long-winded administrative procedures.

Living With is set up to facilitate the monitoring of patients’ ongoing disease activity, allowing clinicians to focus on the patients who need their help the most and give the highest standard of care.

Empowering patients

Living With empowers patients to self-manage and monitor their condition(s) more effectively. With personalised care plans, interactive exercises, goal tracking, recommended reading and communications, Living With educates and gives patients additional levels of support by echoing and complimenting their healthcare teams’ advice.

Transforming the future of healthcare

70% of healthcare spend in England is spent on 30% of the population with long-term conditions.

57% of aged 18-24 believe that people should be encouraged to use health technology to reduce the pressure on health services.

41% of adults think technology can help them manage their long-term health condition.

Building a comprehensive picture of long-term conditions

We are working with a variety of hospitals, clinics and trusts to develop products for the following conditions:

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