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Remote condition management made easy
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Our platform can be configured to manage any patient with any condition. Distribute different apps to your patients and then monitor and optimise treatment remotely.

Living With app
Living With

We are helping our customers achieve different service goals

Improve treatment

Improve outpatient treatment programmes and help get patients better and discharged.

Monitor long-term health

Monitor the health of patients living with long-term conditions remotely.


Provide self-management support to patients including patient education and self-management tools.

Optimise the use of surgery

Reduce or increase the number of patients having surgery by providing patients with specific prehab or rehab programmes that they can carry out at home.

Carry out research

Capture data off your patients remotely to support a research programme or trial and share aggregated anonymised data with research partners.

Join up multiple sites or clinics

Ensure that clinicians can see and monitor the same data for any of the patients across sites.


We are used by leading clinics across the UK

40 NHS Trusts

Our apps work

Check pulse

7th highest selling app

Squeezy is the UK’s 7th highest selling paid app (2019).

79% average adherance

79% average adherence to pelvic floor exercise programmes compared to less than 20% for patients not using Living With Pelvic Health1.

Cost savings

Living With Pelvic Health delivers cost savings of £50,000- £75,000 per Trust p.a.

Manage more effectively

Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis helps clinicians manage patients with high disease activity more effectively.

25% better improvement

25% better improvement in outcomes compared to patients not using Living With Pelvic Health2.

Improve patient quality

Living With Oesophageal Cancer is helping CNS save time and improve patient quality of life.

Living With Platform

The Living With platform is ISO27001, DSP and IG toolkit compliant and MHRA regulated.

Sources: Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh 1, Aneurin Bevan 2

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