The easiest and most cost effective place to get an app to manage any patient with any condition

As a clinician do you want to give your patients your own branded app and monitor their condition remotely?

As a hospital do you want to give every department their own set of apps to manage their patients more efficiently?

As a researcher do you want to test out new ideas on patients?

Used by all the forward thinking clinics in the UK

…we helped them with:


…get your patients do their exercises at home and get better


…manage their weight or exercise to get them fit for surgery

Long-term condition management

….know when they are in flare or having episodes and intervene


…get data about their pregnancy pain


…provide self-management support to patients

What our users have to say

“Living With Pelvic Health has made it much easier to follow up patient’s progress using the clinician interface. The summary adherence view is very useful. It has made my job easier in managing patients.”

Source: Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Trust

What our users have to say

“Wonderful app. I can’t believe this isn’t offered everywhere by the NHS. They need to move with the time.”

Source: Patient from Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

What our users have to say

“[Living With Pelvic Health is] easy to access, send invites and view the results. Very important when you’re busy.”

Source: Mobi-Physio-Zurich

What our users have to say

“Yes I was definitively more motivated to do my exercises with the app, especially knowing [my clinician] could monitor my activity. This encouraged me to keep at it consistently.”

Source: Patient from Northern Trust

Improving experiences for clinicians and patients

The Living With platform is cloud-based software that helps healthcare professionals securely access patient real-time data to help them do their job safely and effectively.

Our clinical decision support system help clinics free up time and money – vital resources that can be put back into providing patients with great care.

The Living With condition tracking apps for patients bring health and self management into the 21st century – and not just for the top five medical conditions in the UK.

Our apps create a common language and transparent process to help patients and clinicians to better understand each other – ending the frustration and pressure of having to remember and recount all disease activity for the past year.

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