Evidence: Pelvic Health

We have created products – in three distinct specialisms – that are measurably improving outcomes and quality of life for patients, assisting clinicians with treatment, and increasing efficiency/reducing costs for healthcare providers.

We are developing into new therapeutic areas all the time and making a difference to patients and clinicians as we go.

Living With app
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Living With

Pelvic Health

Patient adherence using the Squeezy app


of users had increased their exercise adherence


do pelvic floor muscle exercises when prompted by the app


of users have experienced some improvement in their condition since using the app


of users have been using for over 3 months

How Living With Pelvic Health has helped clinics

With the knowledge acquired through Living With Pelvic Health, clinicians are able to focus on the patients with the greatest needs, postpone non-compliant patients and deliver improved patient outcomes.

Detailed data from several hundred patients at three NHS Trusts – Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh, Barts, Aneurin Bevan – provides clear evidence of the substantial quality and cost benefits that Living With Pelvic Health provides.


Benefits to patients

Increased exercise programme adherence

50% improvement

against Treatment As Usual (TAU) – from a TAU of under 25% to over 75% (2 Trusts)

90% overall

average adherence level (1 Trust)

Over-65s too

Positive results irrespective of age. 14% of patients over 65 yrs. Oldest at 76yrs was 76%!

Improve outcomes

25% better

outcomes on average compared to TAU (1 Trust)

From 7 to 5

– average ICIQ-UI(SF) score at discharge fell 2 points (1 Trust)

From 9.8 to 5.9

– average ICIQ score fell nearly 4 points across consecutive 12-month periods (1 Trust)

Better experience

More motivated

– based on feedback as well as improved adherence

Positive view

– survey showed improved attitude towards treatment, service and NHS

Positive view

Positive results irrespective of age. 14% of patients over 65 yrs. Oldest at 76yrs was 76%!

Benefits to clinicians and clinics

Improved efficiency

Telephone appointments

– 13% of face-to-face replaced by telephone (2 Trusts)

Reduced treatment cycle

by >15% on average, from over 16 weeks to under 14 weeks

Fewer appointments

from referral to discharge, average down by around 1.5 (2 Trusts)

Less time wasted

Reduced DNA/UTA

by 15–20% (2 Trusts)

Reduced non-compliance

– more than 11% fewer appointments lost due to patients not doing exercises / diaries

Faster referral

to first appointment, due to increased throughput (1 Trust)

Lower costs

£39 per converted appointment

to telephone, leading to av. £3900 saved p.a. (2 Trusts)

£60 per rescued appointment

from DNA/non-compliance, leading to av. £12000 saved p.a. (2 Trusts)

£3000 per operation

saved through reduction in surgery, leading to £20–60k saving p.a. (2 Trusts)

Benefits to NHS

Cost savings

£50-60k p.a.

per trust

£11-16M p.a.

for UK—potentially, if scaled up nationwide

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